Rifd Advanced Industries

Focus on value-added niche industries that entail high and advanced technology and know-how



Rifd Industry Company via its Rifd–Advanced Industries sector focuses on innovations and advancements in all industries.

Around the world, there are tremendous competitions on materials advancement, new process technologies, high tech applications, nanotechnologies, smart solutions, etc. Rifd–Advanced Industries takes part of such fast pace competition and make professional partnership with technology providers in order to strengthen their market shares via positioning their footprint in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it is located in the heart of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regions.



Saudi Arabia has recognized the need for the “Technology Transfer” to KSA and focus on high value-added industries …. such strategic move has been already depicted in the “National Industrial Strategy”, the “tenth (5-yr) Development Plan” (2015-2019), and KSA 2030 Vision ,,,, in this regard, KSA government stimulates such high tech ventures with long-term soft loan up to 75% of the capital investment.

Rifd Industry Company via its Rifd–Advanced Industries sector takes the opportunity of government incentives and support as well as the booming in construction activities to invest in various high technologies (knowledge-based) and niche industries that provide high added-value products where the know-how would constitute the major part of its price breakdown. The high added-value products could be supplied as (B2B) or (B2C).

Blue Ocean Strategy

No doubt that investing and working in the advanced industries drive us to be in “Blue Ocean” instead of “Red Ocean” where high competition and business racing are there and to be away from the blood splashes ‘representing the toughness of the competition and the damages that are created everyday”.

We will endeavor adopting Blue Ocean strategy approach and be at the far end side of the ocean and search for the new and special technologies that keep our ventures safe from risky environment.

……… “We don’t reinvent the wheel”.


Current Projects