Rifd Industry Group

Rifd Industry® Company FOCUSES on manufacturing industries but DIVERSIFIES within these industries.

The diversification strategy ensures the integration and the interface among the Rifd Industry® Company’s portfolio where each industry segment supports the other to the maximum extent.

Rifd Industry® Company’s portfolio was modeled based on deep analysis and strategic planning taken into account the world industries’ trends, the world future economy & GDP, the innovations in all industries, the strategic geographic location of KSA, the industries’ integration that exists in Jubail Industrial City and other industrial cities in KSA, and last but not least the major government support and incentives toward promoting industries in KSA to meet KSA 2030 Vision.

Industrial group targeting toward developing and
executing downstream industries in the field of chemical / petrochemical, metallurgy, specialty chemicals / polymers, and high value-added products.
A team of professionals that spent more than 30 years of experience in prime and basic industries.
To lead in downstream industries.
To utilize and best benefit from the upstream/prime industries’ products and mineral resources and further convert them to cost-effective, high-end, and value-added products.

Rifd Petrochemical

Focus on downstream value chain
petrochemicals industries with
emphasis on speciality chemicals
& polymers

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Rifd Plastics

Focus on downstream value chain
polymers industries with
emphasis on engineered thermoplastics (ETP)

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Rifd Metallurgy

Focus on metallurgy industries from mineral
resources to high-end products and parts

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Rifd Advanced Industries

Focus on value-added niche industries that
entail high and advanced technology
and know-how

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Rifd Pipes

Focus on new technology in pipes that
would replace the conventional pipes due
to its flexibility (minimum fittings) while
maintaining its strength

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Rifd Consulting

Our prolong experiences
(more than 29 years) in industry have
taken us to a level where we can
comfortably provide our advices and
Intelligence to our valued partners

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News and Events

January 2021Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Plastics Company resumes (as post COVID-19 activities) the construction activities for its Plastics Compounding Factory which located in Jubail Industrial City, KSA. The factory is designed to produce 15,000 tons of compounded engineering polymers. The factory will insha’Allah commissioned by Q1 of 2022.

December 2020Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Copper Company has signed Letter of Engagement (LOE) with the global law firm Linklaters LLP to be the company’s legal advisor. Founded in 1838, Linklaters is a member of the “Magic Circle” of elite British-headquartered law firms. It currently employs over 2,900 lawyers across 30 offices in 20 countries.

November 2020Rifd Industry Group via its Rifd Copper Company has the privilege to presentation Copper Smelter Project status to his excellency Eng. Osama bin Abdulaziz AlZamil, the vice minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, during his visit to Yanbu Industrial city, KSA. We are proud that our project was nominated by the Royal Commission among other projects in Yanbu city to be presented in front of the vice minister who was delighted about the project progress and expressed his full support to our copper smelter project in Yanbu Industrial city, KSA.

September 2020Rifd Industry Company continue to focus of Safety during the construction of its Rifd Pipe Factory in Jubail Industrial City, KSA. Safety signs were posted around the construction area for staff and labor adherence to a safe work practice. Rifd Pipe Factory is set to produce 15,000,000 meters of multilayer pipes per annum by Q1 of 2022. It will be the first production factory in Saudi Arabia for multilayer pipes which will be used for domestics water supply in residential, commercial, educational, and governmental buildings.

August 2020Rifd Industry Company receives shipment that contains multilayer pipes and its fittings. It comes from our ally’s manufacturer in Europe. This package which consists of different sizes of multilayer pipes (16 mm ~ 32 mm) and various types of copper base fittings will be mainly used for our ongoing pre-marketing activities for our upcoming multilayer pipe manufacturing facility in Jubail Industrial City.

February 2020Rifd Industry Company receives 0.5 million square meter (m2) industrial land from Royal Commission for its Rifd Petrochemical (mega) project. The allocated project site is in Jubail Industrial City, KSA (Jubail-2 area). The project is considered to be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.  The products will be targeted for B2B and will serve vast applications and industrial sectors.  The project is aligned with KSA government long term strategic vision (KSA 2030 vision) and economic objectives on creating new cluster industries for petrochemical and downstream industries.

February 2020Rifd Industry Company held on 20/02/2020 a Groundbreaking ceremony in Yanbu Industrial City to kick-off the construction activities for Rifd Copper Smelting Project over a site area of 1.5 million square meter (m2). The copper smelter plant is designed to produce 400,000 tons per annum of Copper Cathode grade ‘A’.

The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by our strategic partners as well as a representative from Royal Commission and a representative from the Industrial Clusters Program which is part of Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.

We pray to Allah (swt) to make it a blessed start toward a successful project which will support in the employment of our young boys and girls and will be insha’allah an added value to our country (Saudi Arabia) toward achieving its 2030 vision

February 2020Rifd Industry Company has participated in fruitful meeting with the leaders of “Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources” – headed by the Minister of Industry & Mineral Resources Mr. Bander Alkhoryef – in the ‘Chamber of Commerce and Industry’ in Eastern Region (Asharqia Chamber). The meeting aimed to discuss the challenges that are being faced by KSA industry development and growth and to assure the government continuous support toward achieving Kingdom 2030 Vision.

December 2019Rifd Industry Company via its subsidiary Rifd Plastics Company commenced the construction activities for its Plastics Compounding Factory which will be built on 15,000 m2 land area in Jubail Industrial City. The factory was designed to produce 15,000 tons of compounded polymers. The project will be funded via SIDF (50%) and Investors with related experience (50%). The factory will insha’Allah start production by the first quarter of 2022.

November 2019Rifd Industry Company was among the invitees for the annual gathering of Saudi businessmen under the patronage and the attendance of H.R.H Prince Saud bin Nayef, the governor of KSA eastern region. The event gave us a great opportunity to meet and great many businessmen and high rank government figures.

October 2019Rifd Industry Company has participated in LME Week 2019 in London. The annual event has gathered many companies, organizations, authorities, investors, and experts in the field of heavy industries and trades.  We were honored to be invited as international VIP guest in the LME Gala dinner which was considered the largest “black suits” event in Europe where more than 2000 guests were gathered in one Grosvenor Great room. We took such opportunity to meet up with many firms and experts that will support our industries as well as our future strategic growth.

October 2019Rifd Industry Company was honored to be among the invitees at the Australian ambassador’s house in diplomatic quarter in Riyadh city. We were glad to be among the executives in the metals and mining industries like the CEO of Ma’aden company, the Chairman of Cristal & the Vice Chairman of  Tasnee Company, the Chairman of Saudi Gold Refinery Company and other representatives from SIDF, SAGIA, and NIDLP.

The aim was to discuss how we can work together in promoting metals and mining industries in Saudi Arabia with the support of Australian prolong experience in that field.

It was an excellent network with such big figures in the metals and mining industries.

September 2019Rifd Industry Company via its subsidiary Rifd Plastics Company signed Letter of Intent (LOI) with Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) at their headquarter in Riyadh city, KSA.  The LOI dictates the full support and collaboration of SABIC to our Engineered Thermo-Plastics (ETP) Compounding Project that will be built in Jubail Industrial City, KSA.

July 2019Rifd Industry Company via its subsidiary Rifd Copper Company signed a Letter of Engagement (LOE) with KPMG to provide financial advisory and capital fund raising for its mega industrial projects.

July 2019Rifd Industry Company via its subsidiary Rifd Plastics Company receive the Construction Permit from Royal Commission (RC) – Industrial Land Authority. The permit will allow the commence of construction and erection activities for our Plastics Compounding Factory in Jubail Industrial City.

June 2019Rifd Industry Company via its subsidiary Rifd Plastics Company signed an MoU with Saudi Arabian Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) to support our Plastics Compounding Project that will be built in Jubail Industrial City. The MoU states SABIC support in providing T&I, Supply Chain, Market, and Resources.

May 2019Rifd Industry Company held an official meeting with Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) pertaining the soft loan that will be provided to our Rifd Pipe Factory. SIDF provides up to 50% of total Capex. The meeting was attended by SIDF’s Technical, Marketing, and Credit teams.

April 2019Rifd Industry Company receives 1.5 million square meter (m2) industrial land from Royal Commission for its mega pyrometallurgical project. The allocated project site is in Yanbu Industrial City, KSA. The project considered one of the nation strategic and priority projects. The project capital funding as well as selecting the EPC contractors are on progress in order to commence the construction activities on 20/02/2020.

April 2019Rifd Industry Company enters into an “Consortium Agreement” with ICONS Engineering Services (India) that posses a team of Professionals with Global experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Chemicals and Fertilizer industries. The consortium between Rifd and ICONS has  formed Rifd-ICONS Engineering Consult in Saudi Arabia to serve the local industries especially in eastern region. We are now serving world class petrochemical companies such as Tasnee, Sahara, Advanced Petrochemical and more to come.

We can provide Conceptual Studies, Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies, Plant Design / Process Engineering, FEED & Basic Engineering, Detailed Design & Engineering, Construction/ Commissioning Support, Procurement Services and Support, and Project Management Consultancy.  Please contact us at  info@rifdicons.com 

March 2019Rifd Industry Company released video that shows the good construction at its Rifd Pipe Factory that is being constructed in Jubail Industrial City. The progress reached 20% where the main foundation concrete poured and covered with bitumen.  Here is the link to the video  https://youtu.be/-wbf-I1rlzk

February 2019Rifd Industry Company attend a major event where government launched National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP). It was a golden opportunity to meet with big figures in our government such ministers and deputy ministers such as Mr. Khalid Al Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources.

December 2018: Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) has approved our soft loan request (60% of the project capex) for Copper Powder project in Sudair Industrial & Business City, 120 km north of capital city – Riyadh. The Loan Agreement was signed on 27 Dec. 2018 with Dr. Ibrahim Al-Mojel, Director General – SIDF.

December 2018: Rifd Industry Company is proud that its Rifd Pipe Factory has been reported in one of the worldwide respected publication for pipes industry. KWD-globalpipe is German firm that keeps up to speed records and reports on pipes industry.

November 2018: Rifd Industry Company has signed Land Lease Agreement (LLA) with Royal Commission for 10 years lease of 15,000 m2 Industrial land for its Rifd Plastics Compounding Factory  in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabi.

September 2018: Rifd Industry Company signed a “Supply Agreement” with Kirby International http://www.kirbyinternational.com  to supply 4,500 m2 steel structure building (Hangar) for its “Rifd Pipe Factory” which is under construction at Jubail Industrial city, Saudi Arabia.

August 2018: Rifd-Industry Company made a project walkthrough to follow the construction progress at its Rifd Pipe Factory project site. The site leveling and excavations – for concrete foundations and underground pipes/cables – activities are on progress.

July 2018Rifd-Industry Company announced the successful commissioning of Copper Powder Factory . The commissioning activities were supported by the process licensor from Germany and its engineering team from UK.  The factory is one of Rifd Industry’s projects that was developed and executed in Sudair Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

July 2018Rifd-Industry Company received the final approval from Royal Commission Authority on the whole Engineering Package for one of its projects;  “Rifd Plastics Compounding Factory”  which developed by Rifd Plastics Company www.rifdplastics.com (a subsidiary of Rifd Industry Company) .  The factory  will be built in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

April 2018Rifd-Industry made Safety as well as Progress walkthrough in one of their projects that under the final stage of construction activities.

March 2018Rifd-Industry received the “Permit to Construct” from Royal Commission (Jubail head office) and commence the construction activities at project site.

December 2017: Rifd-Industry signs  Land Lease Agreement (LLA) with Royal Commission (RC) – the industrial land authority in Jubail Industrial city, KSA-. The agreement entered on 19 December 2017 for 10 years applicable for renewal. The land will be utilized for one of Rifd Industry group’s projects named “Rifd Pipe Factory“.

November 2017: Rifd-Industry has completed the Engineering phase of its Piping Project and has obtained Issue-For-Construction (IFC) stamp on the 100% engineering drawings  from Royal Commission (RC). The project has entered the Construction Phase and three construction contractors have submitted their bid proposals.

October 2017: Rifd-Industry received the official approval from Royal Commission (RC) for the 30% Engineering package of the “Polymers Compounding Project” . The assigned Engineering Consultant is now preparing the 90% Engineering Package which planned to be submitted to RC in Dec. 2017. The project will be built in Jubail Industrial city on 15,000 m2 land and the project after completion will be producing various polymers compound products.

July 2017: Rifd-Industry made a follow-up and progress review visit to one of Rifd-Industry’s projects. Site construction team explained the achievements and the plan ahead. Slides were presented to show the Safety statistics, quality records and (engineering, procurement, and construction) EPC progress figures.

April 2017: Rifd-Industry selected Alhoty-Stanger Ltd. Co. to carry out Topography Survey and Geo-technical Investigation works for one of Rifd-Industry’s projects.

March 2017Rifd-Industry participated in IHS Markit World Petrochemical Conference 2017 held in Houston, TX USA 20-24 March 2017. Major Petrochemical players in the level of C-suite (ExxonMobil, LyondllBasell, BASF, PetroChina, ..etc)  including IHS Markit’s experts presented the world petrochemical industry outlook and macroeconomic.

December 2016Rifd-Industry participated in the 11th annual forum of Gulf Petrochemical & Chemical Association (GPCA). Over 2,000 members of the international chemical community (in the level of C-suite and high-ranking management) gathered together in Dubai to celebrate the achievements and growth of the petrochemical industry in the Arabian Gulf region. Through such participation, Rifd-Industry takes the advantage of the visionary perspectives and industry networking provided by such annual forum.

November 2016Rifd-Industry becomes member of Gulf Petrochemical & Chemical Association (GPCA). The association established in 2006 and represents the downstream hydrocarbon industry in the Arabian Gulf. GPCA voices the common interests of more than 240 member companies from the chemical and allied industries, accounting for over 95% of chemical output in the Gulf region. The industry makes up the second largest manufacturing sector in the region, producing up to US$108 billion worth of products a year.

November 2016: Rifd-Industry has officially received an industrial land (15,000 m2) for its new project on Polymers Master-batch and Compounding. The land was allocated by Royal Commission (RC) in Jubail Industrial city and was submitted via official ceremony held in RC main headquarter. The project will be executed and operated by one of Rifd-Industry group; “Rifd Plastics Co. Ltd.”

May 2016: Rifd-Industry signed an Engineering contract with one of major engineering firm to carry out all engineering packages submittals (10% – 30% – 60% – 90%)  up to IFC drawings for Rifd Industry Pipe factory

December 2015: Rifd Industry Company received officially an industrial land from Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) in Sudair Industrial & Businesses City. The 32,300 m2 land will used to set up a copper powder production facility.

September 2015: Rifd Industry received officially a land allocation certificate from Royal Commission – Jubail Industrial city. The allocation certificate was received in an official ceremony that was held at Royal Commission Jubail headquarter. The allocated land will be for one of Rifd Industry’s projects “Rifd Pipe Factory” .